The SQAS questionnaires will change as per March 1, 2023 under influence of Operation Clean Sweep.

The SQAS questionnaire was changed regarding OCS-demands.  As per November 16, 2022, the board of OCS has recognised SQAS as an alternative valid system to the OCS certification scheme. The questionnaire had to be aligned and a set of questions called ‘OCS mandatory requirements’ was identified.

Companies that comply with the mandatory OCS questions, can (voluntariliy) request inclusion in  a public register of ‘companies complying with OCS mandatory requirements’ that is being developed by PE and EuPC (OCS Schem holder) and will shortly be available.

Companies that desire to be registered can send an email to the SQAS manager of CEFIC. A 100% score is a minimum requirement.

Companies that participated in an assessment in the period 01-01-2022 to 28-02-2023, need an additional intermediate assessment to the revised version of the questionnaire.